I’ve always wanted to be honest
Thought that was the right thing to do

When everybody is faking their lives
Trying to make it look perfect
I wanted it to be real
To tell the world about my struggles
My ups and downs
All the way to the stars
And down to the center of the earth

But what if people start judging me
Thinking about me in ways I don’t like

Was it because I was too honest
Did I put it out there for the world to see
Was it theirs to claim
Were they allowed to think of me that way
Simply because I told the truth
Stood in the sun and showed you my naked skin
Instead of hiding behind a mask

I want to be honest
I do
But sometimes it’s hard
When you are the only one
Not playing games
Not lying and cheating to get what you want
So is it better to be honest
Or should I start faking it with the rest of them

⁃ Honesty was suppose to be beautiful

Poetry, Written Words


A mirror is like looking into a persons soul.
Their expression when they find one, will tell you everything you need to know.
Their mood, happiness and feelings, are measured by how that person in the mirror stares back at them. Are they happy? Sad? Fat? Thin?
A lot can be said about that person. A lot of words can be screamed. Not nice, not useful. Anything goes.

When I look into the mirror I stare. I stare for minutes, sometimes for hours. I look for answers. If the mirror can't tell me what's wrong, then no one can. If the mirror can't make me smile, then no one can.

I have tried loving it. Hating it. Breaking it.. but they're everywhere. Glass, water, reflections. They follow me around.
Look here, look there, I'm back again. Love me, notice me, look at me.

And I do. I go back every time hoping something has changed. Hoping something is new and better. But it never is. I guess I'll just have to live with it and smile back. Hoping.

It will all be okay.