I’ve always wanted to be honest
Thought that was the right thing to do

When everybody is faking their lives
Trying to make it look perfect
I wanted it to be real
To tell the world about my struggles
My ups and downs
All the way to the stars
And down to the center of the earth

But what if people start judging me
Thinking about me in ways I don’t like

Was it because I was too honest
Did I put it out there for the world to see
Was it theirs to claim
Were they allowed to think of me that way
Simply because I told the truth
Stood in the sun and showed you my naked skin
Instead of hiding behind a mask

I want to be honest
I do
But sometimes it’s hard
When you are the only one
Not playing games
Not lying and cheating to get what you want
So is it better to be honest
Or should I start faking it with the rest of them

⁃ Honesty was suppose to be beautiful

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Spirituality and Astrology

As I spend my third day sick with the flu, I started to get bored. So I finally started listening to the Danish podcast ‘Astropod’. All my friends had been talking about it so I had to see what all the fuzz and buzz was about.

I’ve recently started getting into Astrology and Zodiac signs. I had a friend from Canada visiting me and we soon learned that we are both Aries (yes, if you didn’t guess it yet, I’m an Aries). After she left, I started getting really curious. I had to know more. As an Aries, and a Millenial, I love to hear and learn about myself. I found an old book I had once bought at a fleet market named: “Aries: Love and Friendship”.

Once I started I couldn’t stop. This book explained everything about me so well (scarily well) and it contained all the answers as to how and why my previous relationships ended the way they did.
Suddenly Astrology and Spirituality started popping up everywhere I went. Urban Outfitters had five different books on the subject (obviously), my Tinder date asked about my zodiac sign (weird), cosmopolitan was adding a whole section about it, Years and Years released a whole album dedicated to spirituality and guess what, you can now filter people by their zodiac signs on bumble. It’s a SIGN!!!

Or perhaps just a trend.

I then started to really think about it. Why is this trend coming back, and what will it bring us? 2018 was all about breaking prejudice and green initiatives. I believe 2019, is going to be all about spirituality, finding your inner goddess and matching with dates based on their zodiac signs. Okay okay, I may sound a bit crazy, but you have to remember, that I’ve just listened to an Astrology podcast nonstop for the last six hours.


(This is from the Years and Years concert from their very spiritual album called Palo Santo. Listen to it NOW and do yourself the favor 🙂 )

Now let’s continue.
I believe the world relies on Astrology because deep down, we need to believe in something. We need to believe, there is some sort of god or force or power, which determines why things happen the way they do. We need an explanation.

Why are we here?
What is the meaning of all this?
Who am I?
What should I do?
Who should I do?

Yes, I truly believe, this also has a great deal to do with love and sex. We all have WAY too many options. Suddenly you can find a husband or wife in Tahiti and just bring them home with them. Or move to Uganda to be with the one you love. Nothing is too extreme. Whereas before, you would most likely find someone cute from the city next to you, have some kids and find a way to be happy.

In a world where we are frightened daily with terror and climate change news, divorce and depression rates and a fear of reaching your full potential, could Astrology be a way out?

As I obsessed over this newfound knowledge, the first thing I did was look up whom I’m most compatible with. Because, who are we kidding? Deep down we all just want to find that special someone, whom we can love and adore for the rest of our lives. People write songs daily about it and I wrote a whole poetry collection about it (commercial break). Love makes the world go round. After figuring out, that my sign is basically doomed in the whole love department (if you’re an Aries, you’ll understand), I started getting curious about my previous relationships. My moon is in Scorpio, so I am quite mysterious and sensitive (at least that what I think I learned from today’s podcast injection)

What did I learn then? I learned a lot about my exes and how our signs intertwined. I learned why they acted the way they did, what I did wrong in the relationships, why we couldn’t be together, what we learned from each other and what to search for in a future partner. It all made sense. I felt smart and liberated. Maybe I wasn’t the problem all along. Maybe this all happened for a reason.

And that is my main point. Like I mentioned, I believe, we all want and need something to believe in. Something to be the reason for all the heartbreaking and confusing choices in our lives. Why we sometimes cry for no reasons at 7 pm on a Tuesday (if you’re a woman, this might also have something to do with your cycle, but I’ll save that for another time).

And it really did help. I believe, we are now in a time, where we don’t want to care so much about all the material things in our lives. How we dress, which lamp we have, which car we drive or who cuts our hair. I believe we will start caring about the relationships we have with people. Being nicer to our friends and colleagues. Developing a deeper and more affectioness relationship with our partner. Understanding the world around us and understand why people act the way they do.

It’s time to look inside and value the beautiful things we all possess. Maybe the Scorpios are a bit mysterious, but that’s what makes them interesting. Sure the Leo roars, but we have to listen to what it’s really trying to say. Aries may be dominant and independent, but maybe they need someone to take care of them once in a while.

Which bring me to this. Three days after I started reading about my sign and whom I’m compatible with, I went on a date. It was a Tinder date, but it didn’t feel like one at all. I felt like I had known him forever, which apparently I had. We had gone to the same school for 1,5 years, without ever noticing one another.
The conversation suddenly stopped and while we both tried to come up with something to say, he suddenly asked. “So what’s your Zodiac sign”. Being an Aries and well me, I truly believe in signs. This was definitely one. “I’m an Aries,” I said, not trying to show my excitement. “So I am” he replied. Oh no… No no no no….

As I mentioned earlier I had just gone through all my exes (there’s a few) and one of them is an Aries. I totally understood why we couldn’t be together. We’re both too headstrong and love to talk. Neither of us would ever bow to the other. I actually said we couldn’t have sex until we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend (I was 17 and heartbroken) and well. It worked. We didn’t have sex, till after we stopped seeing each other 7 months later. Way to go Karo.

So what should I do with this new Aries man in my life? We both laughed at the coincidence. I admitted, that I had just read the book and learned that he knew a thing or two about Astrology as well. This explained, why we had been so loud and kept talking over each other, full of excitement and passion. I almost stopped the thing then and there. Because I wanted so bad, to believe that Astrology could now, be my ultimate guide to life. It might still be. I don’t know when or where he was born, so I can’t figure out his whole sign. But I continued seeing him, even though Astrology told me I shouldn’t. And a month later I’m still seeing him (which in my easily bored Aries type, is very very impressive).

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that I think Astrology is great to some degree. It’s good for us in this time and place, to have something to believe in. We may not go to the extremes like they do in India, where the parents find the perfect partner for their children based on their Zodiac signs, but I believe we might be able to make better decisions in our lives. It might help us understand the people around us better and give a new insight into the world and our problems.

And btw! I know this is sooo mid-2018-ish and I’m not a trendsetter or a first mover, but then again I never said I was. But let’s just say that trends and news takes a little while before it reaches Scandinavia and therefore Denmark. At least I found out about it before it’s worn out. Because we all know that frozen yogurt just doesn’t taste the same when your grandparents are serving it too you. That’s when you know it’s time to let go of that trend.

Be blessed and spiritual till next time.
And please listen to Years and Year’s album Palo Santo and feel sanctified.


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Today I realized a thing.
The only reason I don’t feel happy is because
I won’t let myself feel happy

The only reason I feel lonely is because
I choose to be alone

The only reason I feel single is because
I keep telling everybody that I’m single

That I hate it.

Which is not true.
It’s quite fun.
I quite enjoy the freedom.
The random nights.
The hot, awkward, romantic, sexy and awful kisses.

Each one is a story I treasure.
A time I will miss someday in the future
When I can no longer run around and kiss strangers

Today I learned that if I wish to be happy
I simply have to tell myself to be happy
Because I am
I’ve just hid it under a negative layer of hatred and complaints
because I thought that was more interesting
Because people told me I was too positive
But what is that?
Too positive
That’s a great thing

So if you don’t mind
I’m going to strip those negative layers off
One annoying thought at a time:

I work too much
– yes, but only cause you like your job

I never get anything done
– no, because you stare into your phone all day

I will never find a boyfriend
– maybe you should go on a date

I am so lonely
– no, you never answer your friend or accept their invitations

I will die alone
– you isolate yourself out of boredom

Today I learned a lot
I learned how to grow and move on
I learned how to stop the negative stream of thought

I’m quite excited about tomorrow
Some changes are good

And I can’t wait for this one!

Karoline's Blog, Written Words


Adulthood is a funny destination. You never truly know when you have arrive. What age you should be. If you have to come alone, with friends or just show up when you feel ready.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about adulthood. Running towards it. Running away from it. Not really sure how I feel about the term.

When I was younger, adulthood was at 23. When you had your life together, big apartment with your one truly love whom you could travel the world with before you got married and started popping out children.

Here in reality, my 24th birthday is creeping in on me and I’m nowhere near that dream. I was so afraid of getting older that I booked a flight to the “party central” city of Budapest. If I’m not home, it’s not really happening.

I suppose we can’t choose whether or not we grow up. I know plenty of “grownups” with kids and everything, who are by no means “adults”. And that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean we should all run about and praise Peter Pan. There’s some beauty to be held in adulthood. Some excitement to being referred to by this name (yes I just watched Call Me By Your Name, and it’s amazing).

Which is why I want to tell you about my experiences as a tween turned teen turned twenty something turned quarterlife crisis turned adulting turning adult.

We will go far together. We will cry. We will laugh. You will laugh and cry because you see my pain. You feel it too. We will all laugh because of how pathetic we are but it’s okay. We will drink wine and eat garlic bread. And maybe one day… we will grow up and spend our time more wisely than on writing this ….

But for now let’s just stay in this beautiful moment that is #adulting.

See you soon!

Poetry, Written Words


Kvartlivskrisen rammer dig

tager pusten fra dig
inden du når at opdage det


Det hele flyder over
Det hele drukner

Hvem er jeg?
Hvad skal jeg?
Hvor skal jeg hen?

Fremtiden banker på men jeg ignorerer det
som jeg ignorerer licens mandes larmende banken
“Jeg er ikke hjemme” råber jeg

Her er tomt
Arbejderne i hjernen har taget fri
Holdt strieke i flere måneder
Efterladt mig her alene

Jeg tænker og tænker
men kommer ingen vegne
tvivler og sammenligner
men til hvilken nytte?

Solen skinner men jeg trækker gardinerne fra
Trækker dynen op og skubber livet væk
vennerne væk
familien væk
kærligheden væk

Jeg har brug for at tænke
brug for at overveje
hvilken person jeg vil være
hvilket liv jeg vil leve

Valget er mit
Det er alt sammen op til mig

Min fejl
Min skyld
hvis jeg ikke er lykkelig
Det er tid til at komme igang
åbne døren og indse
at livet er startet
hvad end jeg er klar
eller ej

Nu vil jeg til at leve det
Jeg syntes du skal gøre det samme


Poetry, Written Words


A mirror is like looking into a persons soul.
Their expression when they find one, will tell you everything you need to know.
Their mood, happiness and feelings, are measured by how that person in the mirror stares back at them. Are they happy? Sad? Fat? Thin?
A lot can be said about that person. A lot of words can be screamed. Not nice, not useful. Anything goes.

When I look into the mirror I stare. I stare for minutes, sometimes for hours. I look for answers. If the mirror can't tell me what's wrong, then no one can. If the mirror can't make me smile, then no one can.

I have tried loving it. Hating it. Breaking it.. but they're everywhere. Glass, water, reflections. They follow me around.
Look here, look there, I'm back again. Love me, notice me, look at me.

And I do. I go back every time hoping something has changed. Hoping something is new and better. But it never is. I guess I'll just have to live with it and smile back. Hoping.

It will all be okay.

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Why do we always chase anything BUT our dreams

As I’m thinking about what I want to do with my life, I always seem to think of smart ways to get there, instead of just getting there.

“If I want to write a book, I must first be a presenter to get a following”.
– Says who???

While you’re chasing the wrong dream, you’re getting further away from the actual one. Why do we always think it’s a good idea to distract ourselves from our dreams and think they will be there later on. One day they will give up on you, if you don’t hang on to them. Give them attention, love and determination. They need to know they matter to you, otherwise why would you matter to them?

A classic thing is that we postpone it. Or believe we will achieve it somehow. “I don’t need to write, to be a writer” – Said no-one ever.

You have to feel deep down in your gut, if you feel good when you’re doing the thing you “want to do”. Otherwise what is the point. There’s no happiness in pursuing a tennis career if you hate tennis.

So why do we always avoid it. Or worse run away from our dreams.. What happens if we don’t achieve them? If someone else gets there before you? Or if you end up going in a completely different direction. Nothing. Nothing happens. But wouldn’t you rather live knowing that you tried, that you gave it your all?

I am not scared of a lot in this life. But I am super scared of telling people what I actually dream of. It’s much easier coming up with a lie. That way they won’t know you failed, cause they didn’t know your real dream. But let’s for a moment try to concentrate on you. Forget the outside world and what they think of you.

You’re too scared to try because you’re afraid to fail. It’s as simple as that. Not rocketscience. You would rather have succes in something than succes in nothing.

But maybe.. Just maybe. If you spend less time trying to achieve things you don’t want, or spend time on useless dreams, and actually go for the one. You just might make it!

So stop hiding in the shadows and go all in. Be you, or the “you”, you want to be. Be the person you deep down know you can be.

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Instagram your way through life

On my journey of figuring out who the heck I am, or who I am going to be, I decided to give Instagram a go. Instagram has found a way into everybody’s hearts in the last 7 years since its start in 2010. It continues to amaze me, how many people have found careers through an mobile app. Amaze me and inspire me. As I was trying to figure out how to start a following, I immediately thought of Instagram!

If you want to show off you work and personality, this is a perfect site for it. But you have to be up for the tasks at hand. I naively thought this would be a walk in the park, but I quickly understood I was wrong. As I started my new business profile Capturedbykaroline, I had to make some choices.

  • What kind of profile is this?
  • Should I mix business with pleasure?
  • Is this only going to be travel photographs?

As overwhelming all of this seemed, I decided to just go for it. See where it takes me and not plan it all out. I found 30 of my best shots from various travels and started posting one a day. Nothing big happened the first week. I was not going to give up though.

When Nate World (Nathan Buchan) and his girlfriend Hannah, offered a free lecture on Travel blogging, I immediately signed up! They said a lot of useful stuff and I felt so inspired and motivated after the lecture. I started yet another website on Wix, posted a sunset picture on Instagram and started to follow travel bloggers, to get more inspiration.

You are not going to believe what happened next. Okay it’s not that crazy, but I was pretty excited! I got 100 followers in 1 day. I was over the moon and had no clue what to do about it. So I ran to Urban Outfitter and bought a book that had all the answers. It’s called “Read this if you want to be instagram famous”. In this book, 50 of the biggest instagrammers gives you advise on how to make your profile popular.

I’ve never been an expert on Instagram. I’ve heard about the whole Follow4Follow and Like4Like things, but didn’t really believe that whole thing. I would soon learn the fakeness of it all.

At the end of the day I had reached 115 followers. I was estatic. I did everything the book said. Like their pictures, follow them back and give them nice comments. But you don’t know the rules of the game, till you’re out.

A few days later my following count was down to 75, then 60. 

People like and follow, but only for a minute or two. I started to realize, how much energy and time I would have to put into this, if I wanted to become big. How much lying and manipulating was involved.

I didn’t like it. I would rather have 3 nice followers, than 1000 fake ones. That’s why, now I just do it for me. Just because I like posting and want to stay involved. I haven’t given up on my dream, I just don’t want to get it like that. I doubt that getting 12000 followers, will make me any happier.

What do you think?

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Finding myself 101

Hi this is Karoline. This summer has been all about trying to figure out who the hell I am, or at least who I want to be when I graduate. Graduating should be a blessing, not a curse, but no… I AM FREAKING OUT!

After you’ve finished your studies, everybody expects you to have everything sort of figured out and a job in your lab the day of graduation. But what if you still don’t have any idea which direction you want to go in. Sooo in order to figure it all out, I’ve decided to try it all out!

It’ll be fun I promise.
So the next few weeks I will try out different careers such as romantic novel writer, youtuber, poet, comedian and director, to try and figure out where I’m going to end up. Get excited and get on board!

See ya!