Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook

Yes it’s me

I’m still alive.

No, I didn’t run away with a Japanese guy

No, I didn’t show you all the amazing things I saw in Japan

I didn’t even tell you I went to Japan

I let you all down.

Made you worry

Some of you even called

to ask if I was okay?

If I had a good vacation?

If I’m being honest I just needed a break

I needed a break from being social

So I could actually be social

So I could join the real world

I know you are suppose to write a big post about it and tell you all the things I hate about modern society and our lack of social skills

But to be honest I was just tired

Tired of waisting my time and regretting it

Tired of thinking about what other people might think

Tired of living my life for someone else

So I didn’t

I just lived and smiled

It wasn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary

I didn’t do it to inspire or preach

I just did it because I felt like it

And when I feel like returning to the online social society

I will

Just like that



29 august 2018

If I could be honest with you

I’d tell you I miss you

Tell you I wish we were back in each other’s arms

Everything was much easier back then

But admitting that to your face would be like admitting I regret the ending

But I don’t

We needed that time apart to find our true selves

Figure out who we are

Figure out who we wanted to be

If I had the courage I would tell you I miss you

Tell you I miss the sense of comfort and belonging that you gave to me

You were my first

First heartbreak

First love

If you were in front of me I would walk closer to you

Look into your eyes

The eyes I know so well

The eyes that make me weak

I would tell you I love you

Tell you I’d never let you go again

But this won’t happen

You are not here

And I am not brave enough

Just naive