Poetry, Written Words

Feeling 23

Skærmbillede 2017-11-05 kl. 13.20.35


Feeling 23 is drinking wine alone on a Tuesday

Deleting Tinder once a month

and downloading it again the day after


Feeling 23 is coloring your own hair

and googling ways

to get rid of the green flair


Feeling 23 is thinking about love lost

regretting, remembering and realizing

it’s not worth the thought


Feeling 23 is looking down your body

praising it

loving it

and accepting it


Feeling 23 is wanting a cat for christmas to hide the loneliness

calling your mom up just the hear her voice

and drowning the silence with music
Feeling 23 is worrying about the future

worrying about the past

and forcing yourself to believe

it will all be over fast


Feeling 23 is understanding how much your parents did for you

wanting a positive pregnancy test

to start your own family


Feeling 23 is listening to your old favorite songs

old favorite movies

and feeling nostalgic about the early 2000’s


Feeling 23 is doubting your path

changing goals

and dreaming of new heights


Feeling 23 is choosing a night in

instead of the crowded club

prefering a close friends

over fake friends


Feeling 23 is wanting a boyfriend

but hiding under the covers

kissing strangers

and feeling the bad taste linger the morning after


Feeling 23 is a quarterlife crisis

a stopping point

before you reach the top







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