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Why do we always chase anything BUT our dreams

As I’m thinking about what I want to do with my life, I always seem to think of smart ways to get there, instead of just getting there.

“If I want to write a book, I must first be a presenter to get a following”.
– Says who???

While you’re chasing the wrong dream, you’re getting further away from the actual one. Why do we always think it’s a good idea to distract ourselves from our dreams and think they will be there later on. One day they will give up on you, if you don’t hang on to them. Give them attention, love and determination. They need to know they matter to you, otherwise why would you matter to them?

A classic thing is that we postpone it. Or believe we will achieve it somehow. “I don’t need to write, to be a writer” – Said no-one ever.

You have to feel deep down in your gut, if you feel good when you’re doing the thing you “want to do”. Otherwise what is the point. There’s no happiness in pursuing a tennis career if you hate tennis.

So why do we always avoid it. Or worse run away from our dreams.. What happens if we don’t achieve them? If someone else gets there before you? Or if you end up going in a completely different direction. Nothing. Nothing happens. But wouldn’t you rather live knowing that you tried, that you gave it your all?

I am not scared of a lot in this life. But I am super scared of telling people what I actually dream of. It’s much easier coming up with a lie. That way they won’t know you failed, cause they didn’t know your real dream. But let’s for a moment try to concentrate on you. Forget the outside world and what they think of you.

You’re too scared to try because you’re afraid to fail. It’s as simple as that. Not rocketscience. You would rather have succes in something than succes in nothing.

But maybe.. Just maybe. If you spend less time trying to achieve things you don’t want, or spend time on useless dreams, and actually go for the one. You just might make it!

So stop hiding in the shadows and go all in. Be you, or the “you”, you want to be. Be the person you deep down know you can be.

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