Poetry, Written Words

Unanswered messages

When I get stressed I don't answer. I let the messages haunt me with their nonstop reminders, but I simply cannot get myself to open them. If I open, then I have to respond. And if I respond I will get a response. Message after message of unwanted information stealing my time and concentration. Making me feel worse than I did before. People are just a toy we play with before we get to the real thing. Alonesomness. Alone time so we can sit and stare into a screen and wonder why it's not us, smiling in the picture next to other happy people. Why people no longer invite us, because we're refused to go the last 15 times. Because we were too busy thinking about answering instead of just doing it. Because we were so far out in our minds that we couldn't even see the world flash before our eyes. Waving at you, wanting you to join in, but you continued to live inside your head, wondering when it all went wrong. When you stopped being social, when you preferred fictional characters to real people and when you felt lonely in every situation. Maybe one might say you should simply stop thinking. Stop wondering. And just live. It's sound so easy. So pleasant. Just write, get it all out. So here I am. Writing. Expressing. Living.

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