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Circletrip day 2: Stockholm

Getting up early is a joy, when you know you're heading somewhere new. It's a bit harder with alcohol remaining in your blood and jet-lag. Poor Madeleine. I on the other hand was very awake and ready for our first destination: Stockholm.

Isn't it funny how we always visit places far away from us and forget the ones close to us. Stockholm is only a 6 hour drive from Copenhagen, but I still choose to travel to Cuba and Cambodia before going there.

That being said. Wow! Absolutely wow! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Flying from Copenhagen is a pleasure since it always brings back great memories. On the way, we realize one of the belts for the backpack is ruined. Thankfully my family lives close by so my dad came with a new one so we could survive the trip.

Norwegian airlines are so nice and polite. In the flight they showed little mood videos from various destinations and that's when it hit me! That's my future career. So that's who I'm going to send my videos to!

From Stockholm airport there's a train to downtown that only takes 20 minutes. You pay the price, but it's quick, worry free and easy to access. Arlanda Express arrived in the central station of Stockholm around midday.

When we arrived at our hostel: City lodge, we had happily forgotten that we had booked a 28 person dorm room. What seemed charming and fun in pictures, were not reality. Thankfully they had extra beds in the 5 person dorm and we quickly jumped at the chance. So much better!

And now away we go! We were hungover, tired but excited so it was time to go exploring.

Stockholm is a very big, royal, wet, busy capital with a lot of attractions. We wanted to see it all and were happy we had planned an extra day in this capital.

The first and most important place is visit us without doubt the ABBA museum. It just doesn't get more Swedish than that. I have a theory that all the cafés and people secretly hum the tunes of Abba so the songs are constantly stuck in your brain. Especially Waterloo and Take a chance on me.

Abba museum is a joy for ears and soul. If you like Abba and you like Sweden, then this is where you should go. There's an exhibition on Eurovision first, which is just hilarious. "Best beard", "longest note, and "coolest shoulder pads" are just some of the things they talk about there.
We learned a lot about abba and got to sing, dance and pose like them!

Getting there was a bit of a struggle though. Being new to a town is excited and a bit scary. We had to buy a ticket for a specific time for the museum. I googled mapped the way by food and we were on our way, when suddenly…. there was nothing but water in front of us. As you may know there are a lot of islands in Stockholm. Apparently google maps thought it was okay to guide us to a place where you had to take a ferry to arrive to your destination?!? It made no sense and we almost didn't make our time slot at the Abba museum. But if you look of the bright side we got to add a boat trip and circle trip to our big circle trip.

You can always tell how nice the people of the country are, simply by asking for directions. We found the sweetest Swedish girl who walked with us to find a supermarket. She even had to run for her team after, but she really wanted to help us out. How cute is that??!! My feeling towards Sweden have definitely warmed up. You go Stockholm!

We found the supermarket, walked zoomie like around in it for 30 minutes before deciding on noodles and nachos and then tried to find our way home.

Funny story. If you type in the wrong hostel in your directions, then you definitely will not magically appear at the right one. Haha but again, life has a funny way of leading us to places we didn't even know we wanted to see. So we ended up at the coolest tunnel even( seen in the picture) and then an amazing blue fountain. Suddenly we didn't care if we were hungry, tired and cold. When you see a view like that you appreciate it. And with appreciate I mean take a million pictures and videos so you can post it to the world and spread the joy.

All in all we had a great second day, feeling Swedish, zombie and Danish and I can't wait what Stockholm has to offer tomorrow!

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