Poetry, Written Words

I wish I smoked

I wish I smoked so I would always have someone to talk to

I would never worry about small-talk

If I smoked I would get more breaks

more friends

more contacts

I wish I smoked so I would look cool in pictures

like a handsome James Dean

I would have a reason to leave a boring conversation

a reason to stay in a crowd

"Got a light?"

The easiest conversation starter

But doesn't work quite as well

when I don't know which end to use

If I smoked, I wouldn't need any other bad habits

I would be skinny

and productive

I would have a place to feel at home at parties

and learn new faces

without talking, or action.

We are the same

The only bad thing is….

I honestly don't like the taste of it

I've tried to fake it

but faking it, doesn't make you a part of the crowd

I'll just have to keep wishing

I wish I smoked


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