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We often find ourselves in a bubble of some sort. It can be a family bubble, new love bubble, computergame, great book or friendship bubble. When this happens it is important to allow yourself time to appreciate and find yourself in there. But when you have had enough time there, you must move on and continue on in the real life once again.

Coming home from my vacation I found myself in a family bubble. Having spend enough time being young and wild, it was time for me to relax and have quality time with the ones who matter the most to me at the moment.

When a friend fall in love, it can be hard to accept that you are no longer their main bubble. They don’t spend the same time with you and when you are finally together something has changed. You can’t do anything about it except accept it.

People change all the time and we have a bad tendency of apologizing for our needs. I kept saying to my parents; “Please don’t think I have any friends, I promise I do. I am just not in the mood right now”. Saying this was like telling myself it wasn’t okay to stay inside the bubble I needed to be in at that moment. And not allowing myself that, isn’t helping anybody.

So from now on I am going to try to stay in whichever bubble I feel like staying in, for however long I need to. But remember. You can’t hide away forever.

Which is my today I will burst my bubble. Go back out there and face whatever it is I am hiding for. For who knows what it might be? All I know I that I won’t let myself stay inside not knowing. Time to start a new one. Perhaps friendship? New love? Who knows.



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