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Inspiration presents itself in the stage between sleeping and dreaming

To further your experience while reading this post I recommend:

Listen to: Turn Out The Stars by Aidan Funston –> https://soundcloud.com/aidan-funston/turn-out-the-stars

Drink: Hot milk, so you might be able to fall asleep at one point

– Enjoy

Inspiration presents itself in the stage between sleeping and dreaming… Right when you are about to enter the world of wonder and fantasies. When you are truly free in your mind and not bound by any rules or obstacles. This is when your mind flows free and thoughts run wild. They come faster than you can type and disappears as fast as snow in March. I always think “It can wait for tomorrow” or “Not now I need to sleep”. But no sleep can’t be found if it is not written down on paper. And no waiting will it do, for it is now and only now, that it is as clear as day in my head. Only in this stage will the words burst onto paper, barely even registered in my head, but going straight to my fingers into the computerscreen. Is it good? Is this worth reading? Who knows? But I often find that my best work happens when only my body and spirit has control over it. In the daytime, my brain has too much power. It allows me to doubt myself, to wander and run away to other things and thoughts.

Here in the dead of night, with only myself to distract me, it’s easier to find clarity and focus. To feel and not think. It’s so hard and we always push away the moment if it doesn’t fit into our tight schedule. But creativity and innovative thoughts do not work according to your timetable or your calender. You can’t force yourself to be perfect from 9-11. You can’t force a good idea. It is necessary at times, yes. I’m not saying you have to sit down and wait patiently for that special moment to strike you and then hurry and put a pen to paper. I’m just saying you have to get up and do whatever your soul and spirit tells you to do, when they do. And they won’t leave you alone until you do. That’s the beauty of it. Ignore it long enough and you will start to learn.

The best things happen in the stage between sleeping and dreaming. When you’re not really awake, yet not asleep yet. Right before you enter your special world. Your world where everything is possible and nothing can stop you. The world where you belong, where you should stay, even when you wake up. This is the world I live in day and night. And why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you?

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