Short Stories, Written Words


There’s a big black guy in front of me, with the widest smile I have ever seen.
“You from Denmark?” he asks with excitement in his voice. He is holding my pink drivers-license, making sure I am old enough to enter this holy place of parties.
“Yes I am,” I say, matching his wide smile.
“That’s cool. Enjoy the party,” the bouncer says, while showing me the way in with his arm. I can barely hold in my enthusiasm as I walk past him.
“Bye, thank you, have a lovely night,” I shout after him. My friends look concerned at me.
“Are you okay Clara?” Adam asks. He is wearing sunglasses, shorts and a Hawaii shirt, fitting in naturally with this crowd.
“Yeah, I’m wonderful, just wonderful!” I say, and as the words cross my lips, I realize how true they are. I do feel wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! I guess the thing finally kicked in. I know I should be scared, but this feeling has taken over me and made all my worries disappear. I feel fearless, fabulous and fast. My shoes are as tall as towers and my dress as flowery as a field in Florence.
“Come on, let’s get something to drink,” Adam says. I walk with him and our friend Natalie towards to bar. Natalie is talking lively with the bartenders. I wonder if she is feeling it too. She must be, but I don’t wonder about it for long, because now I’m getting lost in my busy train of thoughts. My mouth feels jerky and weird. I try to open it, move it side-to-side and close it again. Adam notices my strange movement and hands me something.
“Don’t worry, it’s just a gum. It will help you with your mouth issue,” he says and pops one in his own mouth. I trust Adam, so I accept this little piece of gum. The chewy sensation that hits my senses is almost too much. Gum has never tasked this good. I smack and smash as it moves from one tooth to another.
“Thank you, this is amazing.” I say and then stop myself. “Amazing…” I stop again, feeling a wondering frown move across my face.
“What’s wrong?” Adam asks, clearly not understanding the trouble.
“I sound like a bitch!” I exclaim in the same strange accent.
“No you don’t. You sound just the same,” Adam says, his attention elsewhere now.
“Oh god I sound so American. Like such a bitch.” I say, mostly to myself to hear the words exit my mouth. My tongue is moving in a different direction than normally and it fascinates me. But then a new sensation creeps in. A beat has reached my ear. The sound moves all the way through my body, from my fingertips to my toes. I’m having a hard time standing still, for the waves are crashing full speed towards me.
“Can we go dance?” I almost shout at Adam and Natalie. They clearly feel the same desire as me but something is drawing them closer first.
“Yeah course, but we have to smoke first.” Adam tells me in a parenting tone.
“Arg man really? But I want to go now!” I whine. I know that I sound like a complaining baby, but I can’t stop it.

As we walk towards the smoking area, near the fence, I am having a hard time trying not sneaking in little dance moves. I walk, proud like a lioness, ready to mate. No specific facial features are noticed, only colors and emotions enter my brain. My head is bouncing as we finally reach the fence. We each have a drink in our hands. I barely remember buying a drink. I only remember the cold feeling that goes through my body as I sip it. Adam and Natalie are smoking and talking, but I don’t feel like doing either. I just want to dance. I can hardly wait any longer.
“I’m going over there to dance,” I say to them as I walk towards the crowd. I don’t want to get lost from my protectors, so I stay within eyesight. Everybody is moving to his or her own rhythm, laughing and smiling, enjoying this lovely evening. I join their happiness circle. Feeding off this sensation, I start to sway my body, feeling my senses take over. I close my eyes and allow my brain to take a nap. Not caring about a single thing, person or thought feels amazing.
Adam and Natalie joins me shortly after, and I smile because they smile. I see Adam go up and down and up again, never stopping. I try to do the same, but my heels are much too high and I do not want to kill this vibe. So I just keep swaying slowly. He laughs and throws his head back in joy.
I feel five fingers closing in on mine, making me feel safe and warm. With no cares or worries in sight, I open my eyes once again. I smile at Adam and Natalie, feeling truly blessed that they are here with me. Here at this wondrous night, full of joy, emotions and delight. I look up to the sky and smile. It will all be over tomorrow.

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