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I Love Airports

I love airports. Love the way they make me feel. Like I’m a part of something bigger, something special. The emotions and feelings are flowing around, waiting for me to grasp them. Joy, laughter, tears, heartache and fear, all find home in this tiny place.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-20 kl. 14.37.46

Everybody is busy in their own mind, not realizing where they are. Looking back or looking forward. Not sure what is ahead of them. The beauty of the unknown day is worth the while. The not knowing part of your life may be the best part.

Some leave home. Others return. I smile not knowing why. I fear for tomorrow, for no answers are in front of me.

Airports are magical. Everybody is foreign, everybody is alone. Going places. Going away. Where did you come from? Where are you going? Little hints show me what might have been, but you can never be certain. My big boots rip me off, showing everyone where my head is turning towards.

Being scared or excited about something, means you’re taking a chance. Stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s what we need to do, not to fall asleep, not to get stuck. This place helps me with that. Shows me what is out there. Beyond the blue skies, beyond the green water.

Being here makes me feel important. Enchanted by the people surrounding me, each with their own missions. Are they scared? Lost in love? Loosing love? Perhaps about to reunite with love? Only time will tell and then their story can continue. For this is the jumping board to new adventures, new memories, new passions! And I can’t wait to see what this one will bring.

Adventure is out there.

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